Be in the NOW – Time Truths & Athlete Check-ins

“Don’t blink Court… you will wake up and suddenly have kids in college. Life goes faster and faster the older you get and it’s absolutely terrifying,” were my dads words to me when the concept of time came up at a family dinner. I will agree that the older we get, our perception of time speeds up tremendously. I so vividly remember as a child, summers feeling like an eternity, last period social studies class feeling like a lifetime prison sentence, and fast forward to motherhood and the four hour stretch that I have to cook, work, workout, work more, entertain my toddler, shower, and fold laundry seems like a split second but an overwhelmingly impossible feat. My dad was right, time definitely speeds up when we age…but does it actually? Does perception simply change because we’ve taken more laps around the sun? I’m not so sure. When we were young, we didn’t worry. We PLAYED. We just lived and played and enjoyed life. As adults we exhaust ourselves and as we age I believe our tolerance for multi-tasking and taking on too much becomes the normal pace. Relaxing is hard, day to day pleasure and joy is lost and we’re wired to simply operate. We’re ten hundred steps ahead and the present moment becomes blinded by the constant fixation our minds have on the future to-do list. We’re “busy” and “tired” and grinding like caffeine pumped soldiers. If you’re like me and constantly craving a slower pace (not always by choice but more so the inevitable breakdown that happens when you don’t stop often enough to recharge) read “The Power of Now” by Ekhardt Tolle. This book has given me total control to accept that life goes fast, but I have the control to open my eyes and truly take in the present moment. I used to think meditation and mindfulness were cheesy but also strange and hard but MAN it’s like sweet nectar to this cranked up, high energy, performance oriented, perfectionist soul of mine. It has changed my life. Some of Eckhardt Toll’s words sounded a bit fatalistic to me as I read, “all we have is the NOW,” but the more I think about it, the more I’m driven to align with that statement. It’s so crucial because it brings us back to wholehearted living, when playing was easy and worries were light. When we’re fixed on the future, you MISS the now. It’s inevitable, regardless of how elite of a multi-tasker or hustler you may be.

My son, Colton, the champion of wholehearted living and chicken heckling.

Owning a gym, I talk to people everyday about their health, fitness, and happiness. The ONE (yes ONE) giant difference between people who are actually achieving the results they seek and increasing their happiness vs people who continue to struggle and fall short over and over again, is the importance of NOW. Because again, ALL YOU HAVE IS NOW. Today. This very moment. The folks who master this concept learn to go one day, and one moment at a time. We call this being process oriented. The end goal is still just as important, however the step by step journey is the marrow of their success. They accept that the NOW is enough because they’ve made that first step to move forward and start the journey. Now I know some of you might disagree or laugh at that because thoughts like “well if you want it bad enough” or ::insert hard-core results oriented quote here:: is the mentality default you depend on, hear me out. Imagine climbing a mountain. When you have a mountain to climb your step by step route, pitches, and process is not only important, it can be what keeps you alive. Imagine if you spent all of your energy and focus looking at the peak, you will miss the next step, get lost, feel discouraged, begin to doubt or worse! Set your eyes on where you are at now, and the present steps you are taking to move towards your goals. When you have a big goal, its very easy to feel overwhelmed and lost during the journey. Success lies in each little step you take up that mountain. Seeing where you are at RIGHT now is a hard thing to do because it requires a crap load of self love and honesty. Often I see people who are absolutely desperate to change, self sabotage their goals because they’ve spent so much time obsessing over the “mountain to climb.” It scares them too much to even start the journey. Start with the NOW and stay there. I’m telling you, it’s enough, and each day that you choose to intentionally focus on what you’re currently doing will move you forward. The other nugget I’ll leave you with, is when the present moment is ugly, have no fear friends. The hard times and the struggle is where you will learn to grow and learn the most! Diamonds are forged under scalding pressure and extreme heat, as our struggles yield the deepest most impactful growth if we allow it.

The good news is that if you’re reading this, you have expert guides at your fingertips. Us coaches at Dog House want to be your guides on this journey of self betterment, health, and happiness. When the future seems scary, stressful and hard, we are here to remind you to slow down, and breathe in the right now. We face the same struggle, we’ve just gotten really good at accumulating reps of being intentional, setting goals, and steadily working towards them. We are here to help. Start NOW. Get to class today. Schedule a skill session to finally put a plan in place to work on those pull-ups, or schedule a Nutrition Consult with Candice to take that next step to losing 30 pounds. We have evolved our Goal Review process to a new and improved “Athlete Check-In” and we want to know how you’re doing! We’re so excited to be your guide as we dive into the next couple months of training/living/kicking butt and all you have to do to begin is schedule an in-person check in with us or fill out the online googleform. If you have yet to get started with us, schedule your No Sweat Intro today where we will sit down, hear your story, and begin mapping out the next steps to becoming the happiest healthiest version of YOU possible!

Thanks for trusting us. Have epic weeks and we hope to see you in the gym today!


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