Bridget has been so consistent and dedicated to improving not only her fitness but her life. She has attacked her nutrition head on and has made some awesome changes to ensure she is feeling good and performing like a rock star every time she steps foot in the gym. She is no stranger to being busy, working full time and a mom of 3 boys (4, 6, and 9 years old). Bridget packs up her boys and heads into the gym leaving no room for excuses. Great job!! We are so proud of you and the example you set to our community. Keep it up! See our interview with our newest Top Dog below………

1.) Age


2.) How long have you been Crossfitting?

Since February 2017

3.) Athletic background:

 I never thought of myself as an athlete. But I’ve always liked biking and rollerblading.

4.) What were your thoughts after your first class? 

I thought I would never be able to keep up in regular classes and I was amazed at how all the movements could be scaffolded for the individual.

5.) What is something no one knows about you?

Oh gosh! I pretty much tell all if you get me talking.

6.) What are your training/fitness goals?

 Never thought I would have any but lately I’ve really been wanting to be able to do pull-ups during the WOD.

7.) What is your favorite WOD/movement?

 I like Kettle bell swings. 

8.) What is your favorite cheat food?

Wine! Really it’s a burrito from Mini Palapita with their black Salsa.

9.) What’s your favorite thing about Crossfit?

 I love that each class I walk away learning something new and feeling that I accomplished something challenging.

10.) What advice would you give new people to Crossfit?

 I still feel so new to this but I would say keep coming and listen to the coaches.

11) Coolest place you’ve traveled? 

Galway’s my favorite city! 

12) If you could be any animal what animal and why? Some type of bird maybe a hawk or an eagle. I would love to fly.

13) What would be your fight walk out song? 

Linkin Park One Step Closer

14) If you are throwing a party what bands would you hire for cocktails? dinner? after party?

Cocktails: OAR Dinner: Ed Sheeren, and the after party Pit Bull

15) What is your biggest struggle when it comes to getting to class? How have you learned to manage it? Time management! Having meals ready for us or at least a plan helps me get to class.