1.) Age:  


2.) How long have you been Crossfitting?

About 5 years.

3.) Athletic background:

I was never athletic when I was younger.  I started to do yoga and run in my late 20’s and that’s led to where I am now.

4.) What is something no one knows about you?

Something no one knows about me…. I can type without looking.


5.) What are your training/fitness goals?

My goals are long term.  I want to be able to do box jumps when I am 80, even if it’s onto a piece of 4 inch plywood.


6.) What is your favorite WOD/movement?

If you talk to me before a WOD I will tell you I hate each one, every time!  Afterwards, I love them all (except any WOD with a thruster, wall ball, row combination).

7.) What is your favorite cheat food?

Flour tortillas!!

8.) What’s your favorite thing about Crossfit?

I love how people show up every day.  It can be a brutal workout, something no one is looking forward to doing, but they show up, do their best, and leave with a smile.  It is inspiring!

9.) What advice would you give new people to Crossfit?

The advice I would give to people new to Crossfit is to listen to your body.  Let it tell you how hard it wants to be pushed on a given day.

10.) Coolest place you’ve traveled?

We have traveled to the Boundary Waters in Minnesota to do remote camping and canoeing.  It’s super cool there.

11.) If you could be any animal what animal and why? 

A horse.  No reason in particular except I love them.


12.) If you are throwing a party what bands would you hire for cocktails? dinner? after party?

Easy….Kenny Chesney across the board.


13.) Do you have a most embarrassing moment? Can you share it?

I clearly remember telling a pregnant lady I was not certified to teach her prenatal yoga…..she replied it was okay because she was not pregnant…. That stands out