I have been an athlete since I can remember and fell in love with fitness very early on in life. I graduated from Indiana University in 2007, with a Fitness Specialist / Coaching degree and earned a scholarship as a varsity athlete. As a rower I became obsessed with the process of finding how far my limits can be pushed. Post college, I worked for Naval Spec War as a contractor for the BUD/s Preparatory Program where I was able to take what I had learned as a rower to the next level. Developing my credibility as a female coach in an all male, military environment was a learning experience that has greatly contributed to the coach I am today. It was at the navy base in 2008 where I discovered CrossFit and began training with coworkers. The competitive structure of CrossFit had me hooked immediately. I coached division 1 rowing at both Indiana University (while pursuing my M.S. in Applied Sports Science) and at the University of Iowa. I left my career as a Big Ten collegiate coach to open the Dog House and create a community that is built upon a high level of performance. Developing and coaching people is my passion. Whether your dream is to lose 100 pounds and do one pullup, or clean and jerk 200 kilos I am deeply rooted in the process and will provide you with the opportunity to achieve things you never thought were possible.

*Courtney currently competes in Olympic Weightlifting and is one of the top ranked 75k lifters in the country.

  • Bronze medalist 2013 National Championships (bronze in snatch, clean and jerk, & total)
  • Bronze medalist 2013 American Open (bronze in clean and jerk and total)
  • Silver medalist 2014 National Championships (bronze in snatch & clean and jerk, silver total)
  • Gold medalist 2014 American Open (gold in snatch, clean and jerk, & total)