I was born in Poland, where I lived until I was six. I remember being a physical kid, playing outside and getting yelled at for getting my clothes dirty or tearing holes in them. Athletically gifted, I played different sports on the playground like basketball, soccer, volleyball, tennis and always did well. However, my passion was captured by martial arts at a very young age. I remember watching a Bruce Lee movie and I was in awe of the movements, physicality and speed he demonstrated. I was hooked and fully in love with the martial arts discipline and started learning Kyokusin Karate. I continued studying karate for the next 15 years winning several forms and match competitions, earning a brown belt.

While in school my passion for movement took me to gymnastics. In high school I joined the gymnastics team where I gained a new appreciation for the level of skill and strength required by this discipline. The strength element of gymnastics pushed me towards weightlifting, and I bought a bench and weights set inspired to become the next Arnold Schwarzenegger.

In my pursuit of bodybuilding I stumbled upon CrossFit while researching and watching workout videos on the web. I immediately recognized the Crossfit montra and it resonated with me on many levels. I loved the gymnastics elements, the olympic movements, the strength and endurance it promoted. Deep down I knew that this is how one should exercise for optimal performance.

I began working as a fitness professional in 2006 and have been consistently implementing CrossFit into my training philosophy. This is the way to train for a general physical state of well-being. Crossfit is profound in its effects on the human body and mind. I love that it is an open system ever evolving and not bound by dogma or traditions. My goal is to keep getting stronger, faster, more flexible and mobile because I love the way being fit feels. I love to train and enjoy every step of the journey. I live it, breathe it, it is my passion and I want to share it with everyone!

I incorporate that same passion when I coach. I focus on form, movement and its mechanics, drawing from my experiences in martial arts, gymnastics and from studying different movement disciplines. I believe we need to be able to move in as many ways as possible as it grants us more freedom. Good form in movements promotes strength, explosiveness and more importantly prevents injuries. While coaching, I believe in providing timely and accurate instructions, directions and feedback that will carry you into higher levels of fitness, performance and overall health.

*Dom is currently training to dominate life in all facets. He tears up the local competition scene in both Olympic Lifting and CrossFit.