Join us this November for the Fall Fitness Challenge! We created something special with this challenge and packaged both our GrindTime classes and Nutrition Coaching for a two for one experience that will pave the way to lasting results. If you have been waiting for the perfect time to tackle both your health and fitness, this is it! Our six week challenge begins Monday, November 11th and runs until Sunday December 22nd.

Nutrition Coaching

Six weeks of nutrition coaching will change your understanding of how food impacts your overall health and wellness. If you desire to change your body, tackling your nutrition is a must. We will teach you how to eat optimally and in a way that allows you to enjoy life! With all the fad diets out there, we understand how hard it is to navigate nutrition alone. We take the guess work out and will teach you about Nutrition Science and how food impacts your body. We care about lifestyle balance (teaching you how to achieve results in an sustainable way) and giving you the tools to eat and live intentionally. We have partnered with Healthy Steps Nutrition to bring you the best nutrition coaching in the industry. During this challenge you will receive:

  • Meal plan and prep guide (everything from grocery lists to food specifics to meal timing etc)
  • InBody body composition analysis before and after
  • Our one of a kind nutrition handbook
  • Initial one hour consultation with Coach Candice
  • Mid and end challenge check-ins
  • Accountability and guidance
  • A new sense of confidence and control of your habits


Our GrindTime class is a fat-burning, energy-boosting, mood-elevating good-time! Led by our expert coaches, GrindTime is a fun, high energy program that focuses on building your work capacity. Similar to a bootcamp curriculum, GrindTime is low skill but high output. All movements and workouts are scalable which means anyone can participate and thrive on this program! You will push sleds, flip tires, crank battle ropes, run, bike, row, lift light free weights, jump ropes and much more. GrindTime Class is offered on Mondays & Thursdays at 6pm and Saturdays at 730am. As a challenge participant, you will have the option to attend any two GrindTime classes per week. Challenge participants can expect to:

  • Feel unstoppable and ready to tackle anything
  • Learn to train hard and safely in a motivating and fun environment
  • Have a blast training hard beside like minded people
  • Increase your confidence, energy, and work capacity
  • Be coached by high energy, knowledgeable, expert coaches
  • Better manage stress and life challenges

Spaces are limited – Don’t wait to register!


**If you sign up with a friend, we will credit you and your friend $25 each towards a future membership plan!

For questions, email