Join us for the Spring Nutrition Challenge and improve your health, wellness, and performance!

Starting on Monday, April 16th, Dog House will hold another nutrition challenge. The program will run for 6 weeks, ending just before Memorial Day weekend—the summertime kick-off!

During the challenge, we’ll focus on building new habits around more than just nutrition. The quality and quantity of the foods we eat, movement, sleep hygiene, and stress management are all critical to a healthy lifestyle. These factors impact how we look, feel, and perform-both in and outside of the gym and are the core focus points of the challenge.

At Dog House, we believe the pursuit of health and wellness is an ongoing journey and we want to support you in becoming a stronger human—whatever that means for YOU.  We had a lot of great success during the January challenge and we’re excited to keep the momentum going.

The details are listed below. Email or talk to any of the coaches to sign up. 

Spring Challenge: The Fine Print

  • What: 6-week kick-start to healthy eating. Learn the basics of nutrition, habit setting, and goal planning.


    • Recorded Seminar & Nutrition Handbook,
    • Pre & Post Biometric Testing (weigh-in, InBody Composition scan, pictures)
    • 4-week meal plan written by a Registered Dietitian
    • Access to Private facebook group & Healthy Steps Nutrition app
    • Resources for food and habit tracking and goal setting
    • Recipes and weekly emails
    • Weekly prizes & a grand prize!
  • When: The challenge will run from Monday, 4/16 – Saturday 5/26.
    • We’ll hold an informational meeting Saturday, 4/14 at 11:00am for those that have questions; attendance is not required to participate.
    • The challenge does not include regular group meetings; however, we will offer these if there is group interest.
  • Who: You! All Dog House members are encouraged to join the Challenge and are welcome to invite their friends and family to get in on the fun.
    • Weight Loss, Performance, & Healthy Habits: Though many people join a challenge when their goal is weight loss, this program also works for those looking to improve performance in the gym, change body composition (fat:muscle), or improve their overall nutrition habits.
  • Cost: $169

To sign up email or tell one of your coaches!

Here’s what our Winter Challenge participants had to say about our program:

“I would recommended [the challenge] 100%!!! A lot of people think they have to eat weird things, or shakes, or “be on a diet” or have to give up so much…they aren’t making the connection to performance or feeling better or more energetic or increasing muscle. Nutrition [coaching] covers a variety of needs that everyone or anyone can benefit from!”


“I would absolutely recommend the challenge to others! Why? It is great to share a common goal. This challenge especially has made me fall in love with Doghouse all over again. I’ve come a long way and without the challenge I know my performance would not be where it is. I am actually keeping up and then some!”


“I really “felt” my benefits… soreness was down, and it seemed like I had more energy throughout. I would definitely recommend it!!! For me, it was more about discovery and learn more about what food does to my body. Not only from a weight gain/loss perspective but primarily from a “how do I feel” physiological point of view – alertness, energy levels, recovery, etc. The program is well planned and supported by a ton of materials ranging from recipes, motivational, and programming help, not to mention a knowledgeable nutrition lead!”